A credit card is beneficial to solve the cash fewer problems and smartly handle the situation. Whenever you use the credit card with no lousy remark. it put the positive impact on the loan application. Where the loan service company sees your well-mentioned Credit card score history.

It is well known that credit is used to pay for the purchases, which give you the redeem rewards, increase points and balance the financial situation. There are many organizations which provide this type of service by contra link with different banks, one of them is the Citi bank.

Citi Card Login: Link a Credit Card To Bank Account

Citi Card is one of the best rewards redeem and point of sale provider which has been used by millions of people all around the world. You can quickly pay for their purchases within a predetermined date. Most of the people still don’t know how to link their Citibank Credit Card to their bank account and for this reason. they are unaware of these benefits and get nothing on their purchases.


Citi Card Login: Link a Credit Card To Bank Account

Here is the solution that can help you to link the Citibank credit card with your bank account and get all the benefit of purchases every time. Just follow these steps and linked your Citi card login with your bank account.


First of all login to your Citibank credit card through Citi bank official website.


Now click on the Service requests after your Citi card login.


Now you can see the option “Citibank credit card link to your bank account” so click on that option.


Here you have to fill all the necessary details required. In this form such as Card CVV, Mobile number connected to the bank, Email ID, Card Expiry Date and DOB.


After you entered the entire information correctly, then click on the submit button.


Now it will ask that you will receive the OTP to your registered mobile number, wait for OTP(One Time Password).


Now you will receive the OPT message to your bank linked mobile number, enter the name where it asked and click on the summit.


After you complete all the above steps correctly without any error, then the bank system will take max 72hours to complete your request.


Once all the process is done, and your application is approved, then you will receive the notification which will confirm that your Citi credit card is linked with your bank through registered Phone number message or email.

Now you can enjoy your Citi credit card linked with your bank account and get full benefit with the cashless life.

You can also check how BEST BUY CREDIT CARD LOGIN ON CITI CARD LOGIN and even manage your account, and this can also give you the idea of how you can get the benefit from the Citi Card Login and the calculation of the total redeem you can make every month along with the benefit points.

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