TEP is the electricity provider to Tucson residents, in order to maintain your Tucson account you need to know how to login to Tucson Electric Power. This company provides the best power supply with free service every time needed and make your life brighter and create a better future which you will live throughout our entire life.

TEP provide their service in south Arizona In the USA which connects 400,000 plus customers where people are fully satisfied with this company. This company looks forward to all the economic and metropolitan areas which make this company the King of Electric in Arizona.

Tucson Electric Power

Tucson Electric Power Login

Please follow the steps carefully to get the perfect login to TEP


Open the link in the web browser https://www.tep.com/login-page/


Now enter your email ID and password in the provided field.


Hereafter you fill the provided field then clicks on login button.


Now you are in your Tucson electric Power account, here you can see your current bill generated, updated, and customer service contact. You can totally manage your account in the TEP official web login.

If you are the new user and want to Login to the TEP then you need to be registering first which will help you to get the connection with the Tucson Electric Power.

Tucson Electric Power Registration

Tucson Electric Power Registration

Here is the simple way that can help you to register with TEP Company officially.


First, open the registration link https://account.tep.com/MyAccount/Register


On this page you can see the account information, here you been asked that you have the copy of recent bill if you have then click on yes then enter the account number and service number which you will get from your old electric bill and if don has then clicked on the no and follow the registration.


If you are following this step then you have no copy of your recent electric bill.

Here you need to provide some basic information that can help the company to create your registration such as Account holder last name or company name, SSN/EIN 4 digit number and complete address where you want the electricity. Click on the connect your account.


Here you enter to the second step of creating the profile for your electric. Here you will be asking for some other information which you fill in the provided field and then continue to the last steps.

If you been asked the email ID and phone number to fill it correctly because every information and new update notification will get through your registered email ID and contact mobile number.


Now you are in a final confirmation, where you will check all the information that has been provided by yourself are correct or not and when you check all the information is correct, click on the below to complete the process.

Now you will receive the confirmation that you are registered and then you can create a login and password which will help you to maintain your electric account.

Enjoy your future life in the bright light provide by TEP.

Tucson Electric Power Forget Password

Tucson Electric Power Forget Password

If you had already registered in TEP and you need to log in but you forget your password, then you can follow the below steps that can help you to reset your password and continue with your Tucson Electric account.

First of all, open this link (https://account.tep.com/MyAccount/ForgotPassword) and follow the three steps.

These steps will ask you the only information which you had given will fill the registration online.


Enter your email address which you had given for registration. Click on next button.


Now verify the necessary confirmation and click on the next button.


If you are in the third step where you can change the password, it means that you have entered the correct information.

New change the password which you can remember in future, whenever you log in

Here you have successfully changed your password and now you can log in and manage your TEP account.

Final Words:

hope you understand how to login Tucson Electric Power. If you have any question regarding this topic then contact us and we will help you with all the necessary information.

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