USPS tracking is the fast way for mailing and shipping; it gives the best time management that delivers the parcel within a time. The cost is also lower as we compare with the other services, you can get the price list from the the official page of this service. Here you can check how to log in your Usps tracking account and manage it.

Steps to Login USPS Tracking Account

Simply just follow the below steps:

STEPS #1: First of all, open the link (

STEPS #2: In this page, you will ask the Username and password and then type it.

STEPS #3: Successfully completed the above steps now click on the “Sign In” button.

After successfully login now you can manage your account.

Reset your Password USPS Tracking

If you forget your password, then follow the steps below

STEPS #1: First of all, open the link (

STEPS #2: Here you will ask the username type your username

STEPS #3: Now click on the continue button.

STEP #4: Now you will be asking some question such as

* What is the name of your pet?

* What is your favorite food to eat?

Answer the question as you had already feed in the registration.

Note: If you forget your answer then you need to create a new account.

STEP #5: Now press continue button

STEP #6: Now you can re-enter your new password and press continue with your changed password account.


If you haven’t registered for your USPS tracking account, then you need to follow the below steps and registered yourself.

STEP #1: First of all, open the link USPS REGISTRATION

STEP #2: Now in this page, you will be asking for some information

* Choose your language.

* Type username

* Enter the unique password for security purpose.

* Re-enter the above password.

* Pick your question from the list and answer the question that you remember.

* Now select your account type Business Account or Personal Account.

STEP #3: Now you will ask for some personal information such as email ID, postal address, a mobile number which will be registered with your account for future security purpose.

Type in the provided field and click on continue button.

STEP #4: Now you will show all the information if anything is not correct then you can edit and after that click on the finished button and you will get the email for the confirmation within 24 hours.

STEP #5: In the email, you will get the verification link, click it and start your account login to manage it.

That’s it now you should easy login your USPS Tracking account. If you have any query about it, then let me know us in below comment box.

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